So, I was inspired by folu project to bake a cake a month for a year and decided this year to follow in her footsteps. Just like her I also got to the last day of January before I got my first cake done. I was really inspired by her evolution over the course of the year and the quality of her cakes. I hope I can get half as good as she is.

photo of my applesauce cake

I am starting with the Julia Turshen’s Applesauce Cake which is pretty easy to start, although I did make my own applesauce because Chicago is in the middle of some pretty chill weather and I was not about to venture out. The cake itself turned out ok, it’s a bit overcooked. I should have known. My oven tends to run hot and I was using not the best pan. Add a pretty long bake time (55 min) and you get a slightly dry, overcooked cake. This was even after me knowing my oven runs hot and reducing cook time to 48 minutes. Also, I need to stop worrying that I am going to over whip cream cheese frosting, mine always has little bits in it. There’s nothing wrong with the little bits, but I want a smooth cream cheese frosting and I always think I’m going to over whip it. I never have. I have, however, made multiple lumpy cream cheese frosting. Next time, got to the edge. January cake, done. Now, what’s for February?